From the Front Lines: Hunger Has Nearly Doubled.

We need your voice.

As of today the senate is still in discussion about the next aid package to help those experiencing economic loss due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 
We are asking you, once again, to advocate for an increase in SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits. There is still time.
Food insecurity in the US has nearly doubled because of the pandemic. Yet, we’ve kept some of the need at bay because of the success of the CARES Act this spring. Its increase in SNAP benefits helped provide needed nutrition and a necessary lift to keep families out of poverty. Throughout the pandemic our social services team has continued working with our community to connect hungry families to economic relief.  We’ve seen people cry with relief when benefits were approved

We know SNAP is a critical piece to achieving food security.
Our mission “Harnessing the power of communities to end hunger” builds on our 40-year history of working together with you to create a loud combined voice that can effect change.  That voice is paramount to our success and more important than ever before.
We can prevent an impending avalanche of need if the Senate increases SNAP benefits now.
Ways you can help:
• Post publicly that you support increasing SNAP benefits. Let our senators—both champions of this work--know you have their backs.
Read more about SNAP and what this program means for our communities.
Sign up to get future Action Alerts.         
As always, we thank you. 

Thank you Jewel-Osco Nourishing Neighbors Community Relief!
During this exceptionally challenging time, we were fortunate to receive a generous gift that will help us meet the increased demand for food assistance.
We’re excited to receive a 50,000 grant from Nourishing Neighbors Jewel-Osco Foundation!
The grant is meant to help feed kids and families during the summer. As we are all aware, hunger relief programs like ours are stretched beyond capacity due the surge in unemployment and other economic and social fallout from the pandemic. In response to what quickly became a critical need, Albertsons Companies pledged $15 Million to Help Feed Children and Families During Summer, part of Jewel-Osco Foundations’ Nourishing Neighbors Initiative.